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Posted by Leticia Hughes on April 8, 2010 at 10:16 PM


It’s 7:50pm and still over 30 degrees in Guayaquil, Ecuador, which means I have given up hope of sleeping anytime soon and as a result, I have just indulged in a swim and am now sitting in my bikini and sarong feeling rather inspired about writing a blog about our experiences in Peru.


Now there is only thing wrong with this nearly perfect picture…  It’s hard to believe, but I am actually drinking white wine from a cardboard box!!!  Now I am undeniably a wine (and coffee) snob, however due to budget constraints, I have downgraded to vino blanco in a box.  Actually between you and I, it tastes a hell of a lot better than the marque-vue and chardon I used to skull with Sony and Bek in the “puss-cort” in the early 90’s!!!  Jezz it’s amazing what you will stoop to when the options are limited…


For the last two weeks Marc and I have been in Cusco, Peru and today there was certainly a sigh of relief from both of us as we boarded our flight bound for Ecuador.  Lets just say the charm of the adobe (mud) houses, cobbled streets, mega tourists and touts started to wear a tad thin.  As my mumma-sun so eloquently wrote yesterday in an email, “Cusco is a wrap and we ain’t going back”!!!


While the Lares Trek and Macchu Picchu was a great experience, it just simply did not have the “MEGA WOW” factor I was looking for.  Don’t get me wrong, the Inca ruins are incredible works of architecture in an amazing setting, however they just did not compare to our wonderful experiences in the Himalayas or Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.  Maybe I should focus more on each location rather than making comparisons…


What has become very evident after Cusco is that familiarity breed’s boredom.  If we forget to add variety and fun in our lives, we end up in the inevitable “rut” – even when traveling!!!  So the moral of the story, remember to spice it up, no matter where you are or what you are doing and this is exactly what we did when we opted for a white water rafting trip in Cusco.


The rafting was an amazing experience, as it felt so great to get those endorphins pumping while on the water slamming through walls of rapids.  Being at altitude for 5 weeks has meant no running or full on exercise due to lack of oxygen and muscle wastage.  Lets just say rafting certainly gave us our “fix”!!!  I must also confess that the damn hot rafting guides were excellent eye candy for Tecia!!!  At last some Sth American men that do not resemble hobbits!!!


Today Marc and I reflected that we are pretty much “over and done” in Sth America.  It has been incredibly rewarding travel but we are tired and are very much looking forward to Galapagos, our jungle tour and of course our Caribbean cruise.  It will be nice to not have to think about food, accommodation, exploring, flights, buses and trains for 4 weeks!!!  Our budget has also been hit hard by the exorbitant Sth American prices, so I either come home early or continue to drink my vino out of a box.  I’ll take the box for now.


Miss you all and think of home lots.  Keep safe and happy.


Tecia xx


PS:  Mum I promise we are keeping away from the crazy dogs!!!!

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Reply Jacqui Smith
7:19 AM on April 18, 2010 
I envy you going to the Galapagos - it is on my hit list - can't wait to see th photos!
Take care & safe travelling you guys. x