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Posted by Leticia Hughes on September 9, 2010 at 5:06 AM

I have to start this blog with the most pressing issue of the day - why is it that every time we book into a hotel or hostel we always get a room near the couple that insist on having really loud sex??  I mean honestly, we all know that it really isn’t that necessary to scream and make so much noise that the entire hotel can hear you!!  A little grunting and groaning I can deal with, but I swear this afternoon this chick sounded like she was in pain!! I actually had to stop what I was doing and actually listen to determine if she was for real…  Well as they say, if you can’t beat ‘em – join ‘em!!!


Marc and I are back in the land of green curry, pad Thai, hot weather, massage (with or without happy ending), retail therapy galore and amazing thunderstorms.  Coming back to Bangkok feels so familiar now it almost feels like a crazy Asian version of home. I laugh because I remember the first time we came here Marc and I were such naive travelers we were intimidated by all that Bangkok has of offer.  These days, three years on, we eat the street food without stressing about food poisoning, we have perfected how to ignore touts and I feel like giving all the hookers and lady boys a high five (I think it is brilliant that they exploit all the rich, fat Western men!!).  I fell in love with Thailand when we first came here and four visits later I still find this place fascinating and fun to visit.


Now while on the sex theme, I would like to discuss the “female rat”.  She is defined as the women who flirts inappropriately with your husband in front of you and would quite happily move in on your territory without even giving the wedding band a second glance.  Now unfortunately we encountered one of these “female rats” while wwoofing and she took great delight in making herself known to my husband.  Now Marc, bless his cotton socks, was completely oblivious to her subtle advances until I pointed them out.  Now I must confess that in the end I did not handle the situation well as Marc bore the brunt of my frustration at her behaviour.  I trust him with my life, so what I should have done was just taken the bitch outside and dealt to her!!!  OK that was never gunna happen, but I think I have learned a valuable lesson…  just because a rat wants to move in on your territory, it doesn’t mean they are going to make any ground what so ever!!  However we all know that sometimes we need to trust our instincts and kick some rat arse where required (jezz I talk a good game).


The other observation I had while wwoofing is that so many people have a really appalling work ethic, especially the “Gen Y” (20 something’s) who think the world owes them a cushy job with a six figure salary and perks to boot. Our lovely hosts Wei and Robin had some massive orders to fill while we were on the blueberry farm and rather than pitching in when needed, all the other wwoofers chose to do their 5 hours per day and not a second more.  While a few of them cooked the odd night, they had no idea how to pick up a broom, clean the toilet or do anything really.  Generally the lazy little sods forgot that they were not in a hotel.  I had to bite my tongue so hard as my natural instinct was to “manage” the situation.  It does not matter what I do for work, I always give it 110% as I get a real kick out of doing something well and it frustrates me so much when I encounter people who have a non existent work ethic. I guess this is why I will continue to work for myself, as I don’t think I have the patience or tenacity to manage people anymore.  I’m too likely to get fired for telling people what I really think.


So apart from the stinky rats, Gen Y slobs and very sad goodbyes, I really enjoyed our time in England!!  Picking the blueberries has certainly planted a seed in regards to how I’d like to eventually live.  I would describe our time there as wholesome and very fulfilling.  After a day of picking and working the land, there is nothing quite like walking home across the lush, green fields while the afternoon sun streams down through the clouds – it sure beats the hell out of rush hour traffic and sitting at a computer all day.


Meeting our little nephew Harvey was also a lovely experience as it was so great to see both him and sister Clare healthy and well.  And no it does not make me want kids (refer previous blog). In fact it reinforces to me that our decision is the right one for us.


So this is it…  we have less than a week until we are home.  Well it has been a blast and I suspect the enormity of what we have seen and achieved won’t seem reality until we have time to truly reflect and relive our adventures through our photographs and various pieces of travel paraphernalia. While this potentially is the last big trip we’ll do in terms of timeframes, we both feel that our traveling days have only just begun.


See you soon NZ!!!


Tecia xx

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