Bolivia Bolivia Cementerio de Trenes 74147991 Salar de Uyunui All made of salt! 74147992 Salar de Uyunui 74148005 Salar de Uyunui Salt ready for mining 74147973 Salar de Uyunui Our transport 74147979 Salar de Uyunui 74147976 Salar de Uyunui 74148003 Salar de Uyunui - Geyers 74147969 Isla Pescado 74147970 Isla Pescado 74147977 Isla Pescado 74147982 Laguna Colorada 74148000 Salar de Uyunui 74147967 Salar de Uyunui 74147971 Salar de Uyunui 74147975 Salar de Uyunui 74147978 Salar de Uyunui 74147984 Salar de Uyunui 74147986 Salar de Uyunui 74147972 Salar de Uyunui 74147989 Salar de Uyunui Our hotel made of salt! 74147988 Salar de Uyunui Salvador Dali desert 74147974 Salar de Uyunui The petrified tree that Salvador Dali used in one of his paintings. 74147980 Salar de Uyunui 74147985 Salar de Uyunui 74147990 Salar de Uyunui 74147993 Salar de Uyunui 74148002 Salar de Uyunui This is apparently the track where the Butch Cassidy travesty occurred... 74148001 Salar de Uyunui 74148004 Uyuni Town 74147968 Uyuni Town 74147987 Uyuni Town 74147994 Uyuni Town 74147981 Uyuni Town 74147983 Uyuni Town 74147995 Uyuni Town My little buddy Yesenia who helped us play scrabble & drew me some pictures while waiting for the train - a real sweety! 74147996 Uyuni Town 74147997 Uyuni Town 74147999 La Paz 74689719 La Paz 74689720 La Paz 74689721 La Paz 74689722 La Paz 74689723 La Paz 74689724 La Paz 74689725 La Paz 74689726 La Paz 74689727 La Paz 74689728 Copacabana & Lake Titicaca Ocean or lake? 75703099 Copacabana Cathedral 75703100 Copacabana - the very slow boats 75703101 Copacabana 75703104 Sunset over Lake Titicaca 75703105 Sunset over Lake Titicaca This hill was at 4000m and it got rather eerie at night... 75704666 Sunset over Lake Titicaca 75704667 Copacabana Beach These pedal boats littered the beach! 75703106 Copacabana Beach 75703107 Isla del Sol 75703108 Isla del Sol The good life... 75703109 Isla del Sol 75703110 Isla del Sol - Inca Ruins 75703111 Isla del Sol 75703112 The Locals on Isla del Sol These ladies were actually hauling bags of rocks to create a "beach"! 75703103 The Locals on Isla del Sol Men watching the women work! 75703102