Peru Peru Puno - Isla Flotantes This place was incredible - they build a floating island out of reeds and roots! 75704035 Puno - Isla Flotantes Can you imagine trying to get washing dry in this damp environment! 75704036 Puno - Isla Flotantes The locals sell the tourists their local handcrafts - yes I brought something! 75704046 Puno - Isla Flotantes Handcrafts made by the locals 75704039 Puno - Isla Flotantes This little cutie sang for us on our boat trip 75704037 Puno - Isla Flotantes Just so gorgeous - the people are captivating 75704038 Puno - Isla Flotantes They have even built a restaurant for the gringos! 75704042 Puno - Isla Flotantes This is it - what they float on 75704043 Puno - Isla Flotantes 75704044 Puno - Isla Flotantes Yes I melted... 75704045 Puno - Isla Flotantes This is how they sleep - with no heating it must get freezing! 75704047 Puno - Isla Flotantes They cook by burning reeds in this oven 75704048 Bus Trip Puno to Cusco A friendly local 75704033 Bus Trip Puno to Cusco Ancient Inca ruins 75704034 Bus Trip Puno to Cusco 75704040 Bus Trip Puno to Cusco And another Catholic church 75704041 Bus Trip Puno to Cusco Ancient Inca ruins 75704049 Bus Trip Puno to Cusco Look cute and taste great! 75704050 Lares Trek 76579231 Lares Trek - The Bar is Open! 76579225 Lares Trek 76579216 Lares Trek 76579219 Lares Trek 76579221 Lares Trek 76579233 Lares Trek 76579222 Lares Trek 76579232 Lares Trek 76579228 Lares Trek 76579218 Lares Trek 76579236 Train to Machu Picchu 76579227 Train to Machu Picchu The hard working men who helped to get the track restored 76579217 Train to Machu Picchu The damage from the landslides was still very evident 76579235 Train to Machu Picchu 76579226 Train to Machu Picchu 76579234 Machu Picchu 76579224 Machu Picchu 76579220 Machu Picchu 76579223 Machu Picchu 76579229 Machu Picchu 76579230 Cusco - Easter Sunday Celebrations 77428341 Chinchero The guinea pigs are a local delicacy that I have yet to try... 77428336 Chinchero 77428337 Chinchero 77428339 Chinchero 77428338 Chinchero 77428340 Ollantaytambo They pose and then want payment! 77428342 Ollantaytambo Inca Ruins 77428343 Ollantaytambo Inca Ruins 77428344 Ollantaytambo 77428345 Ollantaytambo Inca Ruins 77428346 Pisac 77431577 Pisac 77431578 Pisac National Geographic photographer Marc actually caught the Humming Bird moving... 77431579 Pisac 77431580